Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Thanks Sassy.  I was able to open samples in HP Photo Premier and resize to blog size.
The next downloads will have "building" information.  I am so excited and heart is still beating rapidly.  I just need to know how to create a  link between blog and SCS.  Should I have an address to SCS besides the name I sign in with?  Still learning..


  1. that's great! so glad the picture re-sizing worked so easily!

    as far as the SCS thing.... i have no idea! :)

  2. Anniece I think you can create a favorite link area on your blog. After you have that figured you can go to your own SCS Gallery. Copy the link in the browser window (not sure if that's what you would call it). Then go to your link area and choose add a link - there must be something like that. Then name your link, right click hyperlink and paste in the address to your gallery. I hope this helps.
    Sorry about typos. I broke my right wrist last week and had surgery yesterday. It sure has messed up my stamping and clubs. Goodluck...Barb